Geeky Candle Set

Geeky Candle Set

Candles aren’t just for women anymore. This Geeky Candle Set will appeal to the men as well. You get a set of 4 votive candles that geeks will love.

You get: Retro Arcade, Middle Earth, Teen Spirit and Space. With these candles you can create the perfect mood for any occasion. There’s something here for all geeks. No matter your choice, things will smell geeky.

Geeky Candle Set

  • Set of 4 scented candles specifically for geeks
  • Relive the scents of your past and wax nostalgic
  • Four votive candles per set:
    • Retro Arcade: Candy, pizza, and a pocket full of quarters
    • Middle Earth: Grass, rolling farmland, and bright blue sky
    • Teen Spirit: Your high school deodorant, in your parents’ bathroom
    • Space: Ozone and hope for a peaceful federation

This set is only $19.99 from Thinkgeek.

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