Flame Jam Hoop

Flame Jam Hoop

Slam dunking a basketball is quite audacious as it is, but imagine slamming the ball through a flaming basketball hoop? That’s the idea behind the Flame Jam Hoop, and it will shock your friends more than shattering the backboard.

The Flame Jam Hoop comes with everything you need for a fiery game of b-ball, including a “fireproof” basketball, net, mounting bracket, and the secret ingredient—copious amounts of lighter fluid.

Flame Jam Hoop

We know what you’re thinking: “Since when does ThinkGeek do the sports?” And, you know what? Fair point. We may not be throwing homeruns, but we are doing what geeks do: making sports more interesting with things like statistical analysis on key plays. Now, we’ve given the casual over-the-door hoop a little tweak, too. When you score three goals in a row (using the provided patented “fireproof” basketball), the ring of the hoop will shoot up flames to celebrate your victory. A song of basketball and fire, if you will.

Let the flames be your private cheerleading squad. We don’t need the praise of millions of fans when we have the approval of fire. This Flame Jam Hoop includes all the mounting supplies you need to affix it atop any door, and it’s even small enough to take to the office. All it takes it a bit of lighter fluid (included) and you’re ready to ball. (Is that right? We still don’t do sports.) Kobe!

Available exclusively at ThinkGeek, this Flame Jam Hoop would cost $49.99 if it weren’t a funny prank for April Fool’s Day.

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