FIJIT Friends

FIJIT Friends

Artificial intelligence has been around for the past few years, and it’s about time it came into the life of your child via the FIJIT Friends. The name reminds me of fidget, which is probably what most people would do when they first see this quirky and brightly-colored robotic companion.

However, once you get past their slightly neurotic-looking appearance, the FIJIT Friends will grow on you because they’re really not so bad after all. It’s normal for kids to get a little lonely sometimes, so couple their imaginary friends with the FIJITs so that they’ll have something concrete and visible to interact with.

FIJIT Friends

FIJIT Friends

Incredibly squishy ‘skin’ allows each Fijit Friend to move in a remarkably fluid fashion. They will also dance to whatever music they hear, perform their own songs, joke, chat and much more. They even react intuitively to your voice, identifying over 30 commands and responding with more than 150 phrases. It’s like having a hyperactive pal 24/7.

As well as audio cues, your Fijit Friend also responds to touch by bouncing, wiggling and giggling. Just give it a squish. Even its face and eyes light up. And when it’s time for bed, say goodnight and your Fijit Friend will glow like a nightlight as she nods off to sleep. Aww.

Each Fijit Friend has her own personality that affects the way she interacts with you.

The FIJIT Friends are available from Firebox for £54.99 each.


  1. That advert has to be the craziest thing I have seen in a while… probably very effective on young girls though. I am sure my niece will be begging for the whole set soon enough.

    It would be great to program one with evil sayings and electric shocks. Perhaps why I do not work for a toy manufacturer!

  2. Great post, I think these toys are one of the best released in a while, so many interactive toys like this being released this year.

    I agree Denise, that would be a good laugh and you never know, maybe one already exists! 😛

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