Facebook Friends Poster

Facebook Friends Poster

Ever since it hit the scene a few years ago, Facebook has become the social networking site to connect with friends, family, old flames, and current ones. Some people are more strict when it comes to approving friend or connection requests, while others add friends like there’s no tomorrow. To get an idea or overview in the physical sense of who you’re really “friends” with on the social network, then why not print all their faces out on the Facebook Friends Poster?

The Facebook Friends Poster is a customized and giant-sized poster that uses information pulled from your Facebook account via an app on the site. Once you’re done ordering yours, put it up some wall or on some (giant) fridge with these Fridgebook Magnets or Social Media Fridge Magnets.

Facebook Friends Poster

Until Facebook came along, keeping up-to-the-minute with all of your friends and relatives was impossible. Unless your friends and relatives were in fact the same person and you lived in their attic. But how would this unlikely rabble look if you squished them all together in the same room at the same time?

We’ll never know, but now we can offer you the next best thing. The Facebook Friends Poster lets you view every single one of your Facebook Friends’ profile pictures at once! It’s the ultimate way to view your complete social network. And it looks pretty nifty too.

The Facebook Friends Poster is available from Firebox for £24.99 ($38.)

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