Facebook Status Display T-Shirt

Facebook Status Display T-Shirt

Show your Facebook status to all with this Facebook Status Display T-Shirt. Plug your iPhone or iPad into the hidden cable so you can display your current Facebook status on the advanced illuminated display embedded in the chest area of the shirt. Under the display is a “Like” button that passers-by can tap to like your status, which updates your Facebook page. This product is only available today, April 1st.

The Facebook Status Display T-Shirt is such amazing technology, it is hard to believe it is real. 🙂

It doesn’t get any cooler than this – the T-shirt has an advanced illuminated display embedded on the chest with a detachable power unit and iPhone/iPad cable tucked discreetly into a small pocket at the base of the shirt. Simply plug your t-shirt into the iPhone, launch the Facebook app and upload your status to the display. Passers-by can “like” your status by simply tapping the “LIKE” button right below the panel – which will update your Facebook page as well!

Awesome for nightclubs, parties and festivals, if you see someone you fancy, change your status to “I think the hot blonde chick at the bar likes me” then simply walk up to her and see if she presses your button! It brings a whole new dimension to the term social networking!

For April Fool’s Day fun, check out the Facebook Status Display T-Shirt at LatestBuy.com.au.

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