Falcon MVIX – Wireless Multimedia Centre

Falcon MVIX

The Falcon MVIX uses Ethernet or WiFi to transfer the media files from a computer and bring them wirelessly to a TV anywhere in your home.

Featuring full and seamless compatibility with all major computer platforms, including Windows, Mac OSX and Linux, the MVIX is firstly a drive enclosure, so that you can add your own IDE or SATA hard drive and use it to store your media files.

Secondly, it connects to your home network either via Ethernet or a 802.11b/g/pre-n WiFi network to share and stream content.

And thirdly, it’s actually a media player itself, which can connect to TVs (including HDTVs) via composite, component, S-Video or DVI with a maximum supported resolution of 1920×1080 Progressive Scan (1080p) video output for crisp, clear picture quality. The MVIX benefits from an HDMI port so that you can attach it to an HDTV to ensure the highest quality transfer possible.

Falcon MVIX

The MVIX supports all commonly used media formats, and virtually all of the more specialised ones too. It has no problem with MPEG-1/2/4, VOB, WMV 9, DivX and Xvid video files and will also happily play MP3s, WMAs, AAC, Ogg or WAV and AC3 music files. And what’s more, you can display your photo-library as a slideshow whilst listening to music too.

It does all this all from an internal hard drive, an external USB drive or it can stream from any computer on your network. If you add your own hard disk – and these are now available at up to a terrabyte in size – you can turn the MVIX into a home server too. It’s the ideal solution for storing or backing up absolutely all of your software, images, music, films or documents.

The Falcon MVIX Media Centre will be available from Thumbs Up starting April 10, 2008. The suggested retail price is set to £199.99 (about $395 UDD).


  1. This is the kind of thing I’m leaning towards for our home theater setup.
    The wife even likes it, go figure!

    I’ll be keeping an eye on this for sure.

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  5. Rip off, this would be nice for business, but for home use just setup a UPNP server and stream straight from your PC to your TV through PS3 or XBOX. Then you get Bluray/DVD playback, gaming, and streaming movies. Just my 2 cents.

  6. This is a great concept for a device. However, I think that I will wait until the price drops a bit, you could almost build a small linux media server for that price that is far more powerful.

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