Ewoking Dead T-Shirt

Ewoking Dead TShirt

Star Wars and The Walking Dead merge for the mash-up you never saw coming with the Ewoking Dead T-Shirt; featuring cute and cuddly little teddy bears that want to eat your face off.

Return of the Jedi was a great wrap-up to the first Star Wars trilogy, introducing us to the forest-dwelling Ewoks, but how much more awesome would the movie have been if the rebels and Imperial forces landed their after the planet had suffered a zombie apocalypse? If the film had been made during the current zombie-loving times, I have no doubt this is the path the story would’ve taken.

Alas, the trilogy didn’t end that way so this t-shirt is the only way to enjoy what could’ve been.

The Ewoking Dead T-Shirt will be available July 2013, but it can pre-ordered now for $19.09 at Urban Collector.

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