Embarrassing Photo Protective Sunglasses

Black Censor Bar Party Glasses

Walk a mile or two in the shoes of a celebrity (or at least pretend to be) while you don these Embarrassing Photo Protective Sunglasses. You might not have any paparazzi chasing after you, but you can use these to avoid being photographed in any compromising positions (or places), just in case those photos end up getting posted on Facebook or something.

They might not cover your entire face but they sure are able to hide a whole lot more than your regular old sunglasses or aviators. These party glasses make pictures of you look like the censored pictures shown on TV that have a black bar over someone’s eyes to mask their identity. (Although your friends will probably still be able to tell who the drunk is with the lampshade on their head in the Facebook photos.)

Embarrassing Photo Protective Sunglasses

Embarrassing Photo Protective Sunglasses

Sick of all those embarrassing photos on the internet? Worried a paparazzo took a shot of you doing that thing you do that nobody knows about, because it would get you fired, arrested or worse? You have 2 solutions: 1. Stop doing that thing; or 2: Get a pair of these face-blocking shades. We both know you’re picking the latter, so continue to have your fun, and stop worrying about that possible call from your boss, parents or the police.

Baron Bob has the Black Bar Party Glasses for $9.95 a pair. (Update: That site is gone so we removed the link. Similar black bar censored sunglasses are available at BeWild and Amazon.) They are very similar to the Embarrassing Photo Protective Sunglasses (or Paparazzi Shades, as a lot of other people have called them) that are available from Urban Outfitters for $12. They’re currently out of stock, for now, so you might have to check back sometime in the near future to see if they’ll get any new shipments for these.

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    I got a super secret (not anymore) coupon code its “lovebaron” good for 15% off. I’ll take it!

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