Elecom M-TP01DS Wireless Touchpad


Elecom has just introduced their all new wireless touchpad. This Elecom touchpad is compatible with Windows 8 and Windows RT computers and tablets, but not Android devices.

The Elecom M-TP01DS Wireless Touchpad is capable of recognizing 18 different types of gestures and responds to five finger touches. This will allow you to program many shortcuts as gestures. It measures 6-inches, and works from almost 30 feet away because of the cordless USB receiver, which can be stored on the reverse of the touchpad when not in use. It’s powered by AA batteries, and has a battery level indicator.


Elecom Wireless Touchpad Responds to Five-Finger Touches

  • OS support: Windows 8 Pro, Windows 8, Windows RT
  • Interface: USB
  • Band 2.4GHz: radio frequency
  • Reach: Radio (such as wooden desk) about 10m nonmagnetic material, magnetic material (such as steel desk) 3m (about our test value)
  • Guideline when using alkaline batteries: approximately 74 hours continuous operation time, about 181 days uptime expected (our test value)
  • Any two AA alkaline batteries, AA manganese batteries, nickel-hydrogen secondary battery AA: batteries available
  • Dimensions: 127.0 × 137.0 × depth 22.7mm width height
  • (Not including batteries) 145g: mass
  • Accessories: receivers – server × 1 (4.6mm width 12.0 × height 19.0 × depth, weight: 2g), × 2 AA alkaline batteries for operation check


The Elecom M-TP01DS is going to be available in black or white at the end of the month in Japan for $125.

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  1. I need this! I cannot find it available to ship to the USA. There are basically 2 of these on the market in the USA-Logitech and Lenovo. Logitech mysteriously refuses to support all W8 gestures and Lenovo got a few bad reviews on the hardware/actual function. I want a single device to control my W8 HTPC. I need volume control and a way to bring up the touch keyboard via gesture. “This will allow you to program many shortcuts as gestures.” Could this really be true for W8?

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