Cookie Dunk Mug

Dunk Mug

Now here’s a mug with a little extra for people who want to have easy access to their cookies and whatever treats they want to eat with their drink. The Dunk Mug has a special built-in compartment below the actual mug part to let you store your afternoon snack.

The Dunk Mug isn’t just for you; yYou can hand one to your kids so they can use it to chug down their milk and store some Oreos in the compartment below. I think the mug is a good idea especially if you’re just dunking your cookies into the drink contained above. However, you’ll have to be very careful with how you drink the contents if you’ve still got cookies below so you don’t drop any.

Dunk Mug

With the original, dual purpose dunking mug there’s no need to juggle with a plate and cup and of course, you also save on the washing up afterwards. If you’re looking for gift ideas, a dunker mug makes a great present for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, house-warming and many other occasions. It is the perfect gift for those people who are really hard to find presents for.

Left handed dunkers haven’t been forgotten either as it is also available as a left handed Dunk Mug. The slot of the Dunk cup should always face away from you when drinking so that the biscuits in the slot slide towards the back of the mug rather than onto your lap.

The Dunk Mug is available from Mocha for £14.99.

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