High Tech Cookies

High Tech Cookies

Here are some computer cookies you’ll want to eat, not delete. The High Tech Cookie Bouquet from Cookies By Design is a delectable gift to give to your techie geek friends that have a weakness for sugar cookies.  Fresh baked and hand decorated, these cookies make a great addition to the office party.

High Tech Cookies

  • Cookies are baked fresh and hand-decorated at each location.
  • Cookies are made with sugar cookie dough.
  • Each cookie measures approximately 4″-6″ tall, 3/8″-1/2″ thick, and 4 oz.
  • This cookie bouquet is shown as a 7-cookie bouquet in a standard container.
  • Products are baked in a location which uses peanuts and/or tree nuts.

This must be what they meant by saying somebody eats, sleeps and breathes computers. The hand-decorated cookies come in the form of old-school-looking computers, cell phones, a left and right click wire mouse, and a CD. But it’s nice to reflect on the exponential progress that has been made since the first cell phone came out and the times when we awaited the promises of the fabled information super highway. After entertaining flashbacks, indulge by gobbling up the confectionery gadgets of yesteryear and pour a glass of milk (in a Ctrl Alt Delete Cup).

The cookie bouquet can be customized to include more or less decorated sugar cookies plus other classic cookies on the side, such as chocolate chip cookies. Or you can throw in some nuts to please those with a salty tooth. With the high tech bundle of sugar cookies, your cookie eaters are sure to get a good laugh when everyone finishes with black lips and tongues.

Locate your nearest Cookies By Design store and order a bouquet of High Tech Cookies, ranging from $8.49 to $89.99.

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