Portal Cookie Cutters

Portal Cookie Cutters

When you first laid eyes on the Portal Companion Cube Cookie Jar, did you begin forming thoughts of what kind of cookies would get to christen the cube first? I did. Oreos, chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin would all be sound choices. But wait, what about homemade cookies cut into Portal-themed shapes? Get in my bellay! You can have Portal cookies, but first you need the right tools; all of which lie within the box of Portal Cookie Cutters.

The cookie cutters are packaged in a tin box that looks like the weighted companion cube, and the most dramatic cookie you can construct with them is none other than the three-dimensional companion cube. As if that wasn’t exciting enough, you also get to make (and eat) other cookies shaped as portals, test subjects and turrets!

Portal Cookie Cutters Cookies

Portal Cookie Cutters

  • Set of 8 cookie cutters based on Valve’s games, Portal & Portal 2
  • Made of bent metal, dishwasher safe, and packaged in an awesome Companion Cube tin
  • Shapes: Portal, Turret, Running Test Subject, Falling Test Subject, Companion Cube
  • You may be thinking, “ThinkGeek, that’s only 5 shapes!”
  • You are so good at counting! The Companion Cube is a layered cookie, which requires 4 cutters to create (but still only one mouth to eat).
  • Officially licensed Portal collectible

Portal Cookie Cutter

Duck into your portal and have a little geeky fun with Portal Cookie Cutters. They are $19.99 at ThinkGeek, which is where you can find the matching cookie jar.

After inhaling all your fresh cookies, it’s easy to collapse like a falling test subject on the couch. Hopefully you’ve got a Portal Weighted Companion Cube Plush around to cushion your fall.

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