Dunk Gizmo T-Shirt

Dunk Gizmo T-Shirt

There are some games you lose even if you win and the Dunk Gizmo T-Shirt is a perfect example of one such game.

Remember the movie, Gremlins? Remember what happened when poor Gizmo just had a couple of drops of water dripped onto him? Remember the swimming pool? Just put the ball down and walk away from the dunking booth. No stuffed animal or plastic trinket is worth the chaos that would be unleashed by a wet Mogwai. In Star Wars, a classic saying is ‘let the Wookie win.’ With Gremlins, it’s ‘let the Mogwai stay dry.’

The image was designed by artist Phil Jones.

Dunk Gizmo Shirt

The Dunk Gizmo T-Shirt is available for $25 at Threadless.com.

(via Fashionably Geek)

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