Humming Gizmo Plush Toy

Humming Gizmo Gremlins Plush Toy

Did you enjoy the Gremlins Plush Gizmo Backpack? Then you might also be interested in this cute little mumming Gizmo plush toy.

1984 was the year when the world was made aware of the existence of the Mogwai* A small creature with a cuteness factor of 10000+ … … and, unfortunately, also some quite nasty surprises if certain rules were not followed.

Especially Gizmo adored the world as the über cute “furball” that first didn’t want any trouble but then took up the fight against its less cute offspring.

You can now have your own Gizmo at home, where he will sit and rock from side to side, humming his little song everytime you give him attention.

Here’s video of the little creature humming a tune:

The Humming Gizmo measures 29 x 18 cm and requires 2 x AA batteries. The toy is available from for 229 DKK (about $45 USD). (Update: Link has been removed because the page is gone. However, the latest version of this product is currently available on ThinkGeek.

Remember the Rules

  • Don’t ever get him wet.
  • Keep him away from bright light.
  • Never feed him after midnight.


  1. Oh my god! I want one of those Gizmo dolls! only I have problem-I can’t find any other dolls like these, the only one’s I find on ebay aren’t like this one. They don’t sing/hum or rock side to side. where can I get this specific gizmo/mogwai?


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