Duffy The Disney Bear

17 Inch Disney Duffy Teddy Bear

Do you like Walt Disney but have something against mice wearing big, white gloves? Duffy the Disney Bear sounds like the answer for you.

Duffy is a unique Disney character because you won’t find him in any Disney movies or TV shows, but you can find the cuddly guy wandering around the Disney theme parks so you know he’s legit, and not just some teddy that someone slapped the ‘D’ name on. Apparently, as the backstory goes, Duffy was created when Minnie made a teddy bear for Mickey to accompany him on his travels. She gave it to him in a duffle bag so Mickey named the bear Duffy.

Of course, no toy from the ‘House of Mouse’ would be complete without that familiar mouse-shaped icon so the Mickey logo can be found on Duffy’s feet, as a birthmark on his hip, and just take a look at that cute face. Does that patch of light fur remind you of anything 😉

If you don’t like mice, or if you have an undying, and possibly unnatural, love for both mice and bears, Duffy the Disney Bear is the cuddle-buddy you’ve been looking for. You can get him for $30 at Skymall and from $34.70 at Amazon.com.

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