Doctor Who TARDIS Chocolate Mold

Doctor Who Bakeware

Take your sweet tooth on an adventure through time and space with the Doctor Who TARDIS Chocolate Mold.

Iconic characters from the Whoniverse become tasty treats through the awesome reality-bending powers of this flexible silicone mold that’s shaped like a TARDIS.

Okay, maybe the mold doesn’t really bend reality but it does allow you to create chocolaty goodness in the shapes of a Dalek, Cyberman, Sontaran, Weeping Angel, K-9, and the TARDIS itself… which is its own kind of awesome when you think about it because you can actually make a TARDIS inside a TARDIS. Now that’s a Doctor Who storyline that’s just waiting to happen.

Doctor Who TARDIS Chocolate Mold

Doctor Who TARDIS Chocolate Mold

  • 11 x 23cm (4¼” x 9″)

The Doctor Who TARDIS Chocolate Mold is available for £4.99/$7.89 at Lakeland. You can find a similar Doctor Who Mold at

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