Doctor Who Keychain

Doctor Who Key Chain

Sure, the Doctor has a key to the TARDIS, but does he have this sharp-looking Doctor Who Keychain? No, he doesn’t, which means you can actually have something the Doctor is lacking… and how often can one say that?

The approximately 3-inch-long keychain features plenty of little baubles that will thrill any Whovian. In addition to the iconic TARDIS, there’s also an antique-style pocket watch, a key (to the TARDIS?), a British flag, and an eye-catching cameo charm featuring the Gallifreyan Time Lord seal over an image of a nebula, which has been spiced-up with a little holographic glitter to give the impression of stars in deep space.

All charms are attached with split jump rings, and the keychain itself has a heavy duty swivel clasp.

The Doctor Who Keychain is available for $16.75 at SpectraNova’s Etsy store.

Update 5/23/2014: Save an extra 15% off this Doctor Who Keychain with coupon Code: NOVA15! (more information in the comment section below)


  1. Sorry about that, chimako. Something odd must have happened. Not only is the keychain gone, but it looks like SpectraNova’s entire Etsy shop is gone 🙁

  2. Hi all, unfortunately etsy shut me down. I changed some banking information which resulted in my funds being put on a 5 day hold. This left me without the means to actually pay my freaking bill.

    Good news, you can still purchase this through ME! I am the maker and I have a TON of these. If you want one, get in touch with me. Sorry Etsy sucks like that.


    Email: [email protected]

  3. Hi There I am the maker of this keychain. The Spectra Nova shoppe is back open! Sorry for the delay. The hold on my funds (due to a change in my own Banking information) has been lifted by the Etsy support Team allowing me to settle my bill with them. Some timing on that, what a mess!

    Anyway, this Key chain and three other styles are available, also with a 15% OFF coupon Code: NOVA15!

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