Doctor Who Dalek Death Ray Replica

Doctor Who Dalek Death Ray Projector Prop

Even though most of us would like to have a full Dalek in our home, they are just too big. You can get a piece of a Dalek though, with this Doctor Who Dalek Death Ray Replica.

This is an exact replica of a “Death Ray Projector” from the new series Daleks. It was made using the same materials and techniques as the original prop. It’s arguably the most dangerous part of a Dalek. These are limited to just 250 pieces.

The Dalek Death Ray projector comes with its own custom built display stand signed by Nick Robatto too. It is made from aluminum and polyurethane resin. It will be a great addition to your collection. It’s £549.99 from Forbidden Planet. Pre-order it now and it is scheduled to be available this month. It is totally worth it if you are a hard core fan.

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  1. I am a Dr Whoo fan but really $550. for a paint roller and a couple of lathe turned aluminum end pieces that’s a little insane.

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