Despair, Inc. 2012 Custom Calendar

Despair, Inc. 2012 Custom Calendar

Everyone’s saying that 2012 will mark the end of the world, but really, we’ve all heard that prediction before. First it was the year 2000, and then it was a whole range of other dates when the “end” didn’t really come. The thought of the world ending is very depressing since there’s still so many things to do and so many places to go; which makes the Despair, Inc. 2012 Custom Calendar kind of fitting for the year.

Each month features a (usually funny) image with a fitting title and an even more fitting caption. You might have seen similar images before on sites like Facebook where they’ve already made the rounds. But this time, you get to enjoy a print version all year round.

Despair, Inc. 2012 Custom Calendar

We’ve teamed up with the geniuses at Despair, Inc. again to bring you a totally demotivating and hilarious 2012 calendar. You’ll get a different Demotivator each month (see below) as well as important dates in geek history. Impress your friends with your geeky trivia knowledge! Never forget Talk Like A Pirate Day again! Send @wilw a Happy Birthday tweet right on time! The superpowers you will gain from having this calendar cannot possibly be fit in one paragraph.

The Despair, Inc. 2012 Custom Calendar is available from ThinkGeek for $15.99.

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