Deadpool LED Light-Up Beanie

Deadpool LED Light-Up Beanie

Deadpool may be one of the coolest superheroes, but you’ll stay warm in this Deadpool LED Light-Up Beanie. It already looks awesome, since it’s rockin’ the Deadpool logo in red and black with embroidered white eyes. However, you can hit the switch and kick it up a notch, illuminating the 28 LED lights that are powered by the included batteries.

Yep, this Deadpool LED Light-Up Beanie makes a statement. It says you possess an insane sense of humor, you’re nearly indestructible, and you look great in spandex. It might also mean your face looks horribly disfigured, but nobody really cares about that.

Sometimes when the winter rolls around you don’t just need a hat – you need a hat that makes a statement. Like the ones those women wear to the Kentucky Derby while they’re slamming mint juleps and pretending to watch horses, you know? Except less likely to get bent outta shape when you sit on it, because you know you’re going to accidentally sit on it one day. Where were we? Oh yes – statement hat. This hat makes a statement. It flippin’ lights up. And if not enough people are staring at you when you turn this hat on in the middle of the ballet, you can set it to flash. You know, flashing would make ballet more interesting. Maybe they should add that.

This Deadpool LED Light-Up Beanie is available at ThinkGeek where it costs $24.99.

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