Cuisinart Rotisserie Turkey Fryer

Cuisinart Rotisserie Turkey Fryer

Thanksgiving will be here before you know it, and this year you can make the best turkey ever with the Cuisinart Rotisserie Turkey Fryer. It will cook so much faster than an oven—cooking a 14-pound turkey in just over an hour—and it will be so much crispier and juicier too. It’s also way easier and uses a lot less oil than typical outdoor turkey fryers.

What’s especially cool is that this Cuisinart Rotisserie Turkey Fryer is so versatile and easy to use, that you’ll use it throughout the year instead of just for Thanksgiving dinner. It can quickly fry potatoes, so you can have your own fresh french fries all the time. Plus, you can use it to fry onion rings, chicken, seafood, vegetables, and even donuts. You can even use it as a steamer for fresh, healthy vegetables, shrimp, dumplings, or an entire clambake.

This is the indoor fryer with a rotating rotisserie that cooks a crispy, succulent whole turkey faster and without the nuisance of outdoor frying. Using less oil than typical vats, this 1,800-watt fryer can cook a 14-lb. turkey in a little over an hour and the rotisserie can be removed to make French fries or battered fish like a traditional deep fryer. It has an indicator light that illuminates when the oil reaches the desired temperature (175º F to 375º F), automatic safety shut-off, and a 120-minute timer. Its front-mounted spigot makes it easy to drain and the fryer easily converts to a steamer, big enough for clambakes. With stainless steel vented lid and mesh cooking basket.

The Cuisinart Extra-Large Rotisserie Fryer is a multitasking marvel that not only fries a whole turkeyin an hour using less oil than a traditional fryer, it also fries up big portions of delicious appetizers,entres, side dishes, breakfast treats and more! Use it without oil to steam all your favorites, like vegetables,dumplings, etc. you can even cook up an entire clambake right at home. From appetizers to entres todesserts, the options are unlimited!

  • Rotisserie function fries up to an entire 14 lb. turkey in an hour using less oil than traditional fryer
  • Fries potatoes, onion rings, seafood, chicken, vegetables, donuts, and much more
  • Steam cook a whole meal vegetables, dumplings, shrimp or an entire clambake
  • Large stainless mesh basket with cool-touch handle
  • Removable, up to 1800-watt, immersion-style heating element for fast heat-up and heat recovery
  • 120-minute timer and adjustable temperature control
  • 5-liter removable oil container
  • Built-in drainage system with drain hose
  • Stainless steel vented lid
  • ON and Ready indicator lights
  • Brushed stainless steel housing

Buy the Indoor Rotisserie Turkey Fryer for $249.95 at Hammacher Schlemmer. You can also find it at Walmart and Kohls.

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