Clue: Riverdale Edition Board Game

Clue Riverdale Edition Board GameWhen you take one of the best classic board games and transform it using the characters, setting, and theme of one of your current favorite movies, TV shows, or comic books, it makes it so much better. For example, take Deadpool Collector’s Edition Monopoly, Rick and Morty Clue, Nightmare Before Christmas Operation, Bob’s Burgers Clue, or Fortnite Monopoly—all terrific adaptations that make the game so much more fun to play. The same can be said for Clue: Riverdale Edition Board Game.

In the Riverdale Edition of Clue, you need to figure out who killed, Jason Blossom, what weapon they used, and where they did it. There are six possible suspects, Archie, Betty, Cheryl, Josie, Jughead and Veronica. Likewise, there are six possible weapons, maple syrup, snake, pearl necklace, convertible, or guitar. The locations include some of the town’s most iconic locations. Solve the mystery first to win.

The idyllic town of Riverdale has a secret. Among the town’s most iconic locations lies the answers to the questions everyone is whispering… who killed Jason Blossom? What weapon did they use? Where did they kill him? Was it Betty Cooper showing her dark side, using a baseball bat at Riverdale High? Or was it Jughead Jones choosing Maple Syrup as the poisonous culprit at Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe? Only you can solve the mystery in a town where nothing is at it seems.

Clue: Riverdale Edition Board Game

  • 6 weapons: snake, pearl necklace, guitar, convertible, maple syrup
  • 6 suspects: Archie, Josie, Cheryl, Betty, Jughead and Veronica
  • Ages 15+; 2 – 6 players

Clue: Riverdale Edition Board Game is a Hot Topic exclusive, where it costs $44.90.

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