Chalkboard Skull

chalkboard skull

Some people write down the stuff they need to do on memo pads or post-its. Some use whiteboards to scribble down phone numbers, while others just save them on their smartphone. And then there’s the group of people who like to do things old school but with an edge, like using the Chalkboard Skull.

It’s basically a chalkboard in the very complicated form of a skull. It’s black (obviously), it gives off an eerie vibe, but it’s completely useful all the same. Scribble phone numbers in the eye sockets, write down messages at the base of the skull, or even play a quick game of tic tac toe at the back of its head.

chalkboard skull

But the Chalkboard Skull is more than just a chalkboard. It’s also a storage bin that you can use as a planter, cookie jar, or container for all your chalk. Just imagine the look on people’s faces when you reach into the skull–and pull out a blood-red strawberry jam coated cookie. Sweet!

The Chalkboard Skull is available from Little Blue Birds Studios’ shop on Etsy for $43.

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