Carnival Fun Food Kits

Carnival Fun Food Kits

When the carnival rolls into town, it’s not the games and rides we most look forward to; it’s the junk food! Instead of punishing yourself by dealing with crowds, parking, loud music, ridiculous ticket prices, and pushy carnies, create your own carnival feast at home with Carnival Fun Food Kits.

Carnival Food Kits

Carnival Fun Food Kits

  • These kits help you make the carnival foods you love in the comfort of your own home or office or something.
  • Just add some common kitchen stuff (like stove, eggs, water, oil, hot dogs, fire, that sort of thing). Common kitchen stuff not included.
  • Choose from: Funnel Cake (with funnel), Corn Dogs (with sticks), Churros (with star-shaped pastry bag), and Soft Pretzels (with salt).
  • Net Wt.:
    • Funnel Cake: 9.6 oz (makes 8 funnel cakes)
    • Corn Dogs: 16 oz (makes 12 corn dogs)
    • Churros: 8.6 oz (makes 28 churros)
    • Soft Pretzels: 12.75 oz (makes 8 soft pretzels)

The danger with cooking up these sinful delights is that the delicious aromas will permeate the air, thus attracting random people and creatures in search of a carnival food truck. (Have you ever seen loitering seagulls at SeaWorld swoop down and steal fresh churros right out of the hands of little kids? I have.) Be prepared to turn people away or to make a profit.

Also, eating all four foods from each kit in one day could increase your risk for cardiac arrest exponentially. It’s best to throw a party and share the artery-clogging goods. If you’re planning a party with a carnival theme, buying these kits will definitely simplify your labor in the kitchen and add a fun twist to the spread. The funnel cake kit comes with its own nifty dispenser, the churros kit comes with a piping bag and star tip to create fine, linear grooves and the corn dog kit comes with wooden sticks.

Carnival Fun Food Kits are sold individually at for $5.99 each.

Speaking of good aromas, those who go cuckoo for kettle corn will love owning an old-fashioned Kettle Corn Maker.

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