Calvin The Spiffy Spaceman T-Shirt

Calvin The Spiffy Spaceman T-Shirt

I’ve always been a fan of the comic strip adventures of Calvin and Hobbes and this Calvin The Spiffy Spaceman T-Shirt does a great job of setting the scene for Calvin’s imaginary hero, Spaceman Spiff.

Calvin’s hyper-active imagination led him on many adventures through childhood, with his teacher or not-girlfriend Susie Derkins as the evil villain or terrible monster that needed to be defeated.

There are no bad guys visible in this retro-style image created by artist Captain_RibMan but we do get a great look at heroic Spaceman Spiff and his fearless Space Tiger exploring an alien world after crashing their ship. Of course, the plant latching on to Spiff’s right leg doesn’t look very friendly so there’s a chance it could suddenly grow to gargantuan size and offer our hero a real challenge.

The shirt is available for both men and ladies, and it’s available in a variety of colors.

Calvin The Spiffy Spaceman Shirt

The Calvin The Spiffy Spaceman T-Shirt is available for $24-$25 at Design By Humans.

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