Brownie Bar Factory

Brownie Bar Factory

GeekAlerts showed you a Brownie Maker in the past, but this electric maker is slightly different in design and saves you a whopping two minutes off the bake time…Might not sound like a lot, but when you’re dying for brownies two minutes will seem like an eternity.

Technology has made baking brownies easy and breezy. There’s no need to prepare all those ingredients and baking pans. In fact, all you’ll need is a box of your favorite brownie mix and the Brownie Bar Factory. Just prepare the mix, scoop it into the compartments in the Brownie Bar Factory, wait around 5-8 minutes, and start enjoying your sweet, gooey treats.

You won’t be able to get brownies like your mom makes it with the Brownie Bar Factory (since you’re using a cake mix), but that doesn’t mean you can’t whip up your own batter the old-fashioned way if you’ve got the time. And when you’re in the mood for some donuts, just fire up your Automatic Mini Donut Maker instead.

Brownie Bar Factory

Brownie Bar Factory

  • Bake a batch of brownies in 5-8 minutes
  • Makes 6 brownie bars per batch
  • Perfect for ice cream sundae night!

When you’re craving brownies, you don’t have to call Mom anymore. (But really, she’d appreciate a call now and then for other reasons.) Just pull out your Brownie Bar Factory and a box of your favorite brownie mix. Follow the directions on the brownie mix box and then pour the thick chocolate batter into the molds, close the top, and in 5-8 minutes, you will have a half dozen piping hot and delicious brownie bars.

The Brownie Bar Factory is available from ThinkGeek for $26.99. The Smart Planet BM-1 Brownie Bar Maker is also available for just $21.90 at

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