The Perfect Crêpe Maker

Perfect Crêpe Maker

Have you mastered the art of making the perfect crêpe? Making excellent crêpes doesn’t happen overnight, though part of the secret to making crêpes more flavorful is to prepare the batter the night before. Crêpes are finicky because they are so thin that they can burn, tear, and stick in the pan if cooked at the wrong temperature or left for too long. The cook also has to have a gentle approach with the spatula and a great deal of patience. But with the Perfect Crêpe Maker, you can skip the steep learning curve and scrambled messes, and get on with eating that crisp but stretchy piece of heaven you’ve been craving.

The Perfect Crêpe Maker

This is the electric crêpe maker that cooks paper-thin, restaurant-worthy crêpes. Unlike skillets that make thick, chewy crêpes, this model’s crêpe iron is dipped into the batter, creating a wafer-thin, 7 1/3″-diameter crêpe every time. The included bowl holds up to 16 oz. of batter and the crêpe iron’s cordless design enables cooks to easily place it into the bowl and coat it with crêpe batter. The 750-watt iron heats to 324º F and makes a crêpe in less than one minute. An LED on the handle illuminates to indicate that the crêpe is finished cooking and the iron’s non-stick surface quickly releases crêpes and enables ease of cleaning. Included bowl holds enough batter for making up to eight crêpes. Heating base plugs into AC. 14 1/3″ L x 8 3/4″ W x 4″ D. (4 1/4 lbs.)

Crêpe Maker

The smart design of this appliance allows you to skip the batter-pouring step and instead, allows you to coat the nonstick pan by dipping it into the batter to get a beautiful, flat crêpe. The shallow plate-like bowl is where you store your batter to dip the pan in, and they say it holds about eight crêpes-worth. Eight is the ideal amount if you have four people over and want to treat them to a fancy breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, or late-night snack.

Another thing you’ll like about using this gizmo is that the size of your crêpes will be the same every time. There’ll be no fighting over who gets the bigger one or who gets gyped. It’s quite socialistic. But the absolute best thing about it is how the pan releases the crêpe once it reaches its optimum temperature, thus eliminating the trickiest step of the entire process – the dismount.

Crêpes are a blank canvas with no rules. (I feel I might’ve stolen that line from some chef on TV.) You can make them savory with eggs and cheese, or they can turn into a gourmet dessert with a little chocolate, fresh fruits and whipped cream. They can be rolled up like cigars or folded in half two times like a blanket. After picking up one of these machines, you’ll be able to concentrate more on the recipes and toppings rather than fussing over the crêpe itself.

You can find the Perfect Crêpe Maker at Hammacher Schlemmer for $69.95. It’s not too bad a price considering how much you’d save overall by making crêpes yourself.

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