Beat the Parents Game

Kids usually think they’re smarter than their parents. Obviously, that’s from a kid’s perspective. On the other hand, parents also assume that they’re smarter than their offspring, and make that little tidbit well-known to their kids. So who’s really smarter? Well, there’s no better way to decide than by having a go at the Beat the Parents Game.

The name itself makes it seem like the odds are in favor of the kids and not of the parents. But hey, it’s just a name, right? Beat the Parents Game is a fun trivia game that pits the kids against the grown-ups. Who will win? Who will reign trivia supreme? Play and see.

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Beat the Parents Game

Beat the Parents Game

  • Beat the parents!
  • It’s kids vs. grown-ups in this fun-filled trivia game.
  • The Beat the Parents Game provides lighthearted family entertainment!

It’s kids vs. grown-ups in this fun-filled trivia game! 101 cards, 32 parent wildcards, 32 kid wildcards, 4 player tokens, and 1 game board set the stage for an evening of lighthearted family entertainment with the Beat the Parents Game!

The Beat the Parents Game will be available in January 2012 from Entertainment Earth for $11.99 and is available now at from $11.95.

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