Batman The Dark Horse Ben Affleck T-Shirt

Batman The Dark Horse Ben Affleck Shirt

By now, you’ve probably heard the news about Ben Affleck snagging the role of the Dark Knight in the future Batman/Superman film, and the Batman The Dark Horse Ben Affleck T-Shirt will let you show people exactly what you think about that.

It’s the crossover that many hoped would never happen as the man who played Marvel’s Daredevil switches sides to portray DC Comics protector of Gotham City, but this visually bold statement will let you vent your frustrations to the world every time you slip into this American Apparel t-shirt.

Batman The Dark Horse Affleck Shirt

Of course, if you’re one of those weirdos people that are actually happy with the decision casting Ben Affleck as Batman, you might prefer the Pahk the Bat Cah T-Shirt. No, I don’t know why it’s called that.

Pahk the Bat Cah TShirt

And if you’re an Affleck fan but miss the Twilight days of Team Edward and Team Jacob, you can relive those glory days with the Batman Team Affleck T-Shirt.

Batman Team Affleck TShirt

The Batman The Dark Horse Ben Affleck T-Shirt is available for $24.54, the Pahk the Bat Cah T-Shirt is $25.56, and the Batman Team Affleck T-Shirt is $27.54 at

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  1. This is a little much. How can so many people have this abashed hate for the Affleck batman? Ledger was a horrible initial choice for joker? Christian bale was originally too short to play batman, hardy was too small for Bane as well. You can’t say it’s because of Daredevil, that was bad from writing and other casting, Affleck was the only good part.

    My point is simply, give him a chance! It’s shaping up to be more of a Superman/Bruce Wayne movie, and him as Wayne is a great casting.

    But the shirt design is glorious none the less!

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