Batman Bat-Sky Art Print

Batman Bat-Sky Art Print

Let the Bat Signal summon the Dark Knight to your house with the Batman Bat-Sky Art Print, created by comic book artist Neal Adams.

Hold on to your utility belts, Bat-fans, because it will take a lot of Bat-love to get this bit of artistic sweetness on your wall… but just think of the bragging rights you’d have? Neal Adams is practically an icon of DC Comics, having worked on a wide range of comics and characters, including Superman, Batman, and Green Arrow, and this image is very eye-catching. I sort of love how the sky and stars are visible through the bat symbol, and you can’t get more classic with the Batman imagery than with the vigilante standing on top of a building, keeping an eye out for crime that needs to be stopped.

Ink, paint, airbrush, and dye Marker on 11″ x 14″ blue/gray Canson acid free paper.

Okay, this is where needing all that Bat-love I mentioned earlier comes in… and by Bat-love, I mean money.

The Batman Bat-Sky Art Print is available for $4,000 at

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