Bat Mirror

DC Comics Batman Styled Bat Mirror

If you stare at this mirror long enough, then sooner or later, the logo if a well-known and iconic logo will just jump out at you (hint: the mirror is named after the winged hero himself.) The Bat Mirror features an ornate and classic design that would make a fantastic addition to any home.

In my opinion, the best part about the mirror is that it’s not so explicit or blatant when it comes to displaying the Batman logo (okay, there I said it; although I doubt that I spoiled it for you because although it’s masterfully hidden, I don’t think it was extremely difficult to spot.)

Bat Mirror

At first glance this ornate, neo-rococo mirror looks pretty classic. But stare at it for long enough and you’ll spot a certain iconic logo hidden within its sexy lines. Holy concealed bat signal! Yes Batfans, hinting at your heroic credentials without resorting to crass, 40-Year-Old Virgin-style comic book accoutrements has never been easier. KERPOW!

Brought to you by the Latvian-based designers at Katz, the gorgeous Bat Mirror’s curvaceous frame is hand-moulded from plaster and finished in a suitably gothic shade of black. If Vicki Vale and Catwoman don’t go crazy for this sexy accessory there’s just no justice – and in Gotham City there most certainly isn’t.

The Bat Mirror is available from Firebox for $640.  To get your full fill of Batman, checkout the Batarang and Batman Bathrobe.

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