Applause Machine

Applause Machine

Sometimes, it’s easy to wish that life were like a TV show because there’s always a laugh track or applause sound effect to cheer the hero on. Recognition isn’t always so available in the real world… until now. The Applause Machine provides the ego-stroking you crave.

Built by U.K. Designer Martin Smith “for when your ideas are great but no one else agrees,” the Applause Machine is always waiting and ready to cheer you on with a hearty clapping of the hands. Did you just come up with an awesome idea but there’s nobody around to witness your brilliance? Just reach over and push a button to hear the applause you know you deserve. A co-worker just share an incredibly witty joke but its 4:59PM on a Friday and you’re already thinking about tomorrow’s golf game? Let the Applause Machine show you appreciate their humor.

Materials: Powdered coated steel, brass, Walnut wood, plastic and motor.
Dimensions: Height 45cm/18″.
Power: 2 x AAA Batteries (included).

Get the Applause Machine for £250.00 in the above-pictured ‘Signal Green’, or try one of the many other different colors that are available.

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