AnyBook Reader

AnyBook Reader

There were times when my mom would miss reading me my bedtime story because she was still doing some overtime work at the office. I don’t hold it against her, because I know she was working for our future and all that. But I have to admit, I remember that I would have difficulty falling asleep because I didn’t get my usual story.
Franklin AnyBook Reader

Well, if you find yourself in a similar situation with your kid, then give the AnyBook Reader a try. It can record you reading the whole book so your child can just play it when you’re not there. The AnyBook can store up to 30 hours of recordings, which I’m sure is more than enough for your bedtime stories.

AnyBook Reader

With ease, you can now record yourself reading a book to your child or grandchild. This way, they’ll have you with them always, even when you’re not there. With this simple touch, record, playback process you can record any page of any book you already own. AnyBook reader stores up to 30 hours of recordings.

  • Use with any and every book you already own!
  • No additional purchase required!
  • 30 hours of reading time!
  • 400 “blank” stickers, ready for recording

The AnyBook Reader is available online from Skymall for $69.99 and at from $42.77.

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  1. Hi Hazel! Thanks for writing about the AnyBook Reader! It’s actually available on as well (Franklin Electronic Publishers makes the AnyBook Readers!) for $39.99 (15 Hour edition) or $59.99 (60 Hour edition). Become a fan on Facebook ( to get access to coupon codes, and more! Thanks!

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