AIRbudz Air Channel Earbud Attachments

It seems like everyone today is listening to an iPod or MP3 player while they exercise. It makes sense since we all enjoy music and it helps get us through those days when we really don’t want to workout. But regular earbuds also put us at risk. If your enjoy biking, running, skiing, snowboarding and skateboarding outside, then you know how dangerous it can be, especially when you can’t hear your surroundings.

This is where the AIRbudz Air Channel Earbud Attachments come into play. Currently a Kickstarter project, these earbuds have air channels that will allow you to simultaneously hear your music and ambient noise, reducing the risk of accident or injury.


AIRbudz fit on to your existing earphones that have removable earbuds and will fit approximately 70% of these earphones currently on the market. Simply replace the noise canceling earbud that came with your earphones with AIRbudz.

Protect yourself and the ones you care about, check out AIRbudz Air Channel Earbud Attachments at Kickstarter where you can make a pledge.

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