Accordion Pillow

accordion pillow

The Accordion Pillow doesn’t make any noise, but you can pretend to produce beautiful music anyway. Use it to add some style to furniture or take a quick nap.

The soft fabric design allows it to stretch out like the real instrument, as shown below, and you can squish it all together for safekeeping.

Soundless fabric accordion pillow

Accordion Pillow
Soundless blue accordion made of cotton fabric embroidered and felt (the bellow).  Size of a real accordion. rainbow embroidered bellow fabric locking tab with button and velcro.  21 buttons on the left side, 8 buttons on the right side.  Handle and braces made of blue fabric with white dots.  Polyester padding.

The Accordion Pillow is awesome, and you can buy it at Etsy for $385.  But since I don’t have that kind of money, I’m actually going to keep on browsing. 

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