WiFi Hotspot and 2GB USB Combination Cufflinks

WiFi Hotspot and 2GB USB Combination Cufflinks

If you’re stuck wearing a shirt and tie to work every day, you might as well make the most out of it and go with something James Bond is likely to use: The WiFi Hotspot and 2GB USB Combination Cufflinks. Designed by Ravi Ratan, the Wi-Fi USB cufflinks go one step further than the R2-D2 USB Flash Drive Cufflinks and ensure that you have the ability to setup a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Perfect for professionals on the go or fans of high-tech gear, the Wi-Fi cufflinks are easy to setup and will allow you to establish your own personal hotspot when needed. For a few extra bucks you can even have the cufflinks engraved.

Wi-Fi USB Combination Cufflinks

After downloading the accompanying software, pop the USB Hotspot into your computer and make ready high-speed wireless internet to smart phones or other windows wireless device! You can also access media server from the host computer. Perfect for business meetings, airports, hotels and techies everywhere. WifiAn-Mini sets up automatically as a router (Wi-Fi Hot spot) on Windows XP (32bit), Vista (32bit, 64bit) and Win7 (32bit, 64bit). Can be used as a wireless LAN adapter on Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Win7, WinCE, Linux, Mac.

  • Approximately 7/8″ x 3/4″
  • 2GB storage capacity and WiFi Hotspot Cufflink
  • Engravable whale backing
  • Rhodium plated base metal with silver finish
  • Currently compatible with Windows machines

You can purchase the WiFi Hotspot and 2GB USB Combination Cufflinks at Cufflinks.com for $250 per pair.

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  1. Ideal for experts on the go or lovers of high-tech equipment, the Wi-Fi studs are super easy to create and will allow you to identify your own individual hot spot when required. For a few additional dollars you can even have the studs personalized.

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