7-in-1 Keyring Emergency Tool

7-in-1 Keyring Emergency Tool

The handy little BodyGard device comes loaded with things that might come in handy in case of a fire, a car accident, or any other type of emergency.

Multi-Function Key Ring Tool features Automatic Glass Breaker, a Safety-Blade Seat Belt Cutter, Powerful Sonic Alarm, High Intensity High and Low Beam Bright White LED Flashlight, a Digital Tire Gauge, a Thermometer and a Flashing Red Distress Light for Signaling and High Visibility.

The small, tough ABS nylon housing has a “Glow in the Dark” Panel for quick location and an elegant chrome look. Lithium Batteries included to provide a Personal Safety Kit securely attached to an included Key Ring.


  • Spring-loaded point breaks car side windows for fast escape in an accident, fire, submersion.
  • Safety Blade Seat Belt Cutter quickly cuts seat belts to free drivers and passengers
  • Powerful sonic alarm signals for help with loud dB
  • High Visibility Flashing Red Distress Light to signal for help.
  • Limited Lifetime Guarantee

The 7-in-1 Keyring Emergency Tool is available from Amazon for $23.62.

(Via GadgetGrid)


  1. What amazes me more than the fact that there are 7 features on one key-ring is that they can sell it for $23.62 on Amazon. How in the world do they make it for that cheap? Even if it’s made in China, someone has to ship it over, market it, etc….

  2. Swiss+Tech makes a lot of neat tools. I bought my Father the 5-in-1 tool (doesn’t have the thermometer or tire gauge.)

    I have the Utili-key. It’s a handy little keychain Gadget. I love it!


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