4-in-1 Rotational Game Table

4-in-1 Rotational Game Table

So you can’t decide between buying the foosball table or the pool table, but there’s definitely not room for both. Or is there? The 4-in-1 Rotational Game Table takes up less space than full-sized game tables and offers four great games that can be played at one spot.

4-In-1 Rotational Game Table

The 4-In-1 Rotational Game Table will turn your family room or office into a hotbed of competitive fun. This handsome addition to any room makes a great way to relax , relieve stress and have fun. The table features sturdy metal legs, levelers and casters. Everything you need to play all four games is included. Assembly required.

  • Billiards includes: 38.5″L x 19.87″W playing surface, mesh pockets, 1.5″ ball set with rack, 2 cue sticks, brush and chalk
  • Foosball includes: 42″L x 23.25″W playing surface, fast action aluminum rods, red and blue 3-dimensional players, 2 soccer balls and 2 score bars
  • Rod Hockey includes: 38 1/2″L x 23 1/4″W playing surface, hi-flex player push rods, red and blue 3-dimensional players, 2 score bars, 2 pucks
  • Dice Football includes: 36″L x 21.5″W playing surface, 2 player position markers, 10-yard field markers, 2 score keepers, 1 pair of dice
  • Game rules included
  • Assembly required

4-in-1 Rotational Game

Downsizing on space doesn’t mean downsizing on good times. The length of the table is less than four feet, so it’s likely to fit into tight spaces. Its flippability lets you have your pick between foosball, pool, dice football and rod hockey.

The table’s upside-down triangular shape allows more leg room, so that when your veins are pumping with adrenaline your feet have tons of room to shuffle. Any way you turn the table, its overall shape stays the same.

All the equipment needed to play the four games is included in the set. So all you need to do is provide the players.

The 4-in-1 Rotational Game Table is $599.99 at The Sharper Image.

But if four games doesn’t quite cut it for you, how about twenty? There’s a 20 in 1 Games Table that literally has it all.

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