Quad Table Tennis Game

Quad Table Tennis Game

There’s always that awkward moment at a gathering where some people want to play a game, while others just want to sit and watch or continue catching up. One of the easiest games to start up during such occasions is table tennis, and this time, you won’t be limited to just two players. Instead, up to four can play, and not in the usual doubles version of ping pong–that is, if you’ve got the Quad Table Tennis Game.

So basically, each player gets a separate table in the Quad Table Tennis Game. It’s completely unlike the usual setup for table tennis where there’s just one table and a net, and that’s it. Four players basically huddle behind their own guitar-pick shaped table, each with a hole in the middle, and try to put the ball in the opponents hole.

Quad Table Tennis Game

This is the tennis table game with four separate tables that pits up to four players against one another for unpredictable, exciting play indoors or outdoors. Placed just a few feet apart facing one another, each triangular-shaped, 24″ long x 18″ wide table tapers to a round point in the front; the back edge is pitched 10º, causing balls to bounce up towards a player.

Each table has a line for initial serves; a player hitting a ball into the center hole of an opponent’s table scores a point. Sturdy fiberboard and powder-coated steel construction; table legs fold for storage. Includes four tables, four foam-padded wooden paddles, and four balls.

The Quad Table Tennis Game is available from Hammacher Schlemmer for $249.95.

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  1. Unique design and a unique idea. Being a big fan of table tennis I am unconvinced it would be more fun than the original but it’s certainly something I would like to try…doesn’t take up as much room as a normal table tennis table which is a distinct advantage for those who have limited space like me!

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