Valentine’s Day Heart Shaped Smitten

Valentine's Day Heart Shaped Smitten

Mittens are warmer than gloves, but holding hands becomes nearly impossible when two people are wearing mittens. During the cold months of January and February, lovebirds won’t lose their grip when their hands intertwine in the Valentine’s Day Heart Shaped Smitten.

This is made out of fleece and is very cozy but not as cozy as the walks and smiles you will receive when people see you walking down the street.

Nothing beats the smitten when it comes to mushy PDA’s and kicking Jack Frost’s behind. The smitten is made for couples who can’t resist holding each other’s hand whenever they’re walking side-by-side. You know who you are. Just look out for heartbreaking obstacles in the street like signposts, mailboxes, and little people.

It looks like the smitten could be more than just a hand warmer for two. Perhaps it would be a safe place to store regular mittens while they’re not in use, or it could hold those mini packs of tissues. Those are always essential in the winter.

Some people will marvel at the couple proudly wearing the smitten while others will sneer and be jealous. In case you receive any eye rolls or encounter bitterness, you can stand up for love by handing out an Instant Love Inflatable Heart.

To buy the Valentine’s Day Heart Shaped Smitten go to where it is priced at $18.

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    This is very nice… and beautiful portable hand warmer…

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