USB Royal Typewriter

USB Royal Typewriter

Stop the press! Just when you thought typewriters were banished from Earth, someone has designed one that is adaptable for your computer and doubles as an iPad dock. The USB Royal Typewriter is not only a fantastic keyboard for your computer, but it’s also a functioning typewriter with ink ribbon and manual return lever on the left. Don’t forget the Wite-Out!

USB Royal Typewriter

Dock your iPad or plug-in your desktop and type away with the satisfying click-clack of a vintage Royal typewriter. Repurposed by Philadelphian Jack Zylkin, this ingenious machine melds era-spanning technologies, and when unplugged, can still be used as originally intended – with inked ribbon and paper. Includes typewriter case, instructions, iPad stand attachment, additional ribbon, USB cord
Repurposed vintage Royal typewriter, lead-free electronic components. 6″H 12.5″W, 12″D, USA

USB Converted Royal Typewriter

After sitting for hours at the desk, this typewriter allows for fingers to benefit from little more exercise. That crisp, loud sound that old school typewriters make is like making music while you work. Does it make that dinging sound, too? That’s the sound of productivity. People suffering from migraines might not completely appreciate the typewriter’s comeback, however.

Where to get this hunk of ingenuity? Go to, where the USB Royal Typewriter is sold for $798.

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