USB Mushroom LED Lamp

USB Mushroom Lamp

If you take a gander at this USB Mushroom Lamp, you’ll see that it looks just like the Mushroom LED Lamp posted about here on GeekAlerts almost 4 years ago. So what makes this new model any different? One 3 letter initialism: USB. The old desktop mushroom light ran off batteries only, while this new model can be powered by batteries or USB.

There are other choices for USB Lights, such as the Star Wars Lightsaber and Mickey Mouse lights, just as there are other Mario mushroom styled devices like the Mini Vacuum Cleaner, USB Massager, and Pillow. However, if you want Mario mushroom style and a USB powered LED light, this is the gadget to buy.

USB Mushroom LED Lamp

USB Mushroom LED Lamp

  • Red and green mushroom lamps for your desk or nightstand
  • Press mushroom once to switch on, press again to switch off
  • Inner light provided by magic (or 2 super bright white LEDs, believe what you will)
  • Powered by USB or 4 AA batteries
  • Mushroom diameter: 5.12″ (13 cm), base diameter: 4.25″ cm (10.8), height: 5.5″ (14 cm)

Order the USB Mushroom Lamp for $9.99 in your choice of red or green at

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  1. I’ve one of this! It’s great, but just with NO light in the room.

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