True Utility AngleHead LED Flashlight Review

True Utility AngleHead LED Torch

Most every flashlight shines its beam the same direction–through the front tip. Often this is fine, but sometimes it is far from ideal. We take a hands-on look at an extraordinary flashlight that shines to the side in this True Utility AngleHead LED Flashlight Review.

Constructed out of aircraft grade anodized aluminum, the True Utility AngleHead LED Flashlight boasts high quality, a cool industrial design, and a bright LED light (60 lumens) in a small package (just 4 ounces and 3.1″ long). Yet what makes it unique is that the light shines out the side instead of through the tip. This makes it easy to hold in a pistol grip, which is a more comfortable position to use to illuminate the ground in front of you while you are walking in the dark.

Even better is that the AngleHead flashlight allows for hands-free operation. It has a clip on the side, so you can attach it to your shirt or belt to illuminate the area straight in front of you. You can’t do that with a regular flashlight, as the light would be pointed straight down at your feet or straight up into your face. The bottom of this flashlight is perfectly flat, allowing you to stand it up on the floor, desk, or table and point it right at whatever you are working on.

AngleHead LED Flashlight

Clips onto your shirt/trousers/bag or stand on its tail and the beam shines directly where you need it. Newest member of the TrueLite range, this angle headed torch produces over 60 lumens from only one AA battery. The AngleTorch boasts a powerful LED beam projecting a pure white light, highly refined reflector and intelligent energy source management.

True Utility Angle Head LED Flashlight

True Utility AngleHead LED Torch

  • Anti Slip and Shockproof Main Body – Machine Milled Grooves for Anti Slip Grip and Better Control
  • Durable Belt or Shirt Clip For Hands-Free Light Cash Clip included
  • 1 WATT – 60+ LUMENS
  • 260 minute Runtime
  • Lens protector
  • Tactical On/Off Rubber Push Button

This flashlight is compact, bright, and well constructed. With the innovative side beam direction and the clip, this product is a useful tool to have. The AngleHead LED Torch is available at for £14.99 (~$24) with free UK delivery. It is also sold at

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