Retro Transformers Watch

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Fans of the Transformers robots will soon be able to get their hands on a new edition of Takara Tomy’s classic Transformers wristwatch that was first released in the 80s.

The LCD on the watch features 170 LEDs to display rudimentary graphics which depict a smiley face, sleepy face, or the Autobots symbol. The watch also displays the time and various letters on the LCD.

Here’s a video of the original watch from 1983:

Two versions of the Chrono Label will be released – a Cybertron Autoceptor version and a Destron Time Limit watch which displays the same dot graphics.

The Transformers Chrono Label watch can be pre-ordered from the NCSX shop. The product will ship in mid-late August 2009 and the price is set to $290.90.

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15 Responses to “Retro Transformers Watch”

  1. Grymma prylar som gör att jag sitter och småler hela tiden. Önödigt nödvändigt alltihop!

  2. Hehe – exakt så är det, Mr Manolo! 🙂

  3. It can be pre-ordered from NCSX fro 0.90 each. Wow,is there anyway we can transform that price into something less ridiculous? And maybe bring back this cute pop-up Transformer watch instead? At least it’s got colors.So get set go and purchase this product as soon as possible.

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