Transformers Chrono Label Watch

Retro Transformers Watch

Fans of the Transformers robots will soon be able to get their hands on a new edition of Takara Tomy’s classic Transformers wristwatch that was first released in the 80s. The LCD on the watch features 170 LEDs to display rudimentary graphics which depict a […]

i-SOBOT vs Godzilla

i-SOBOT vs Godzilla (video)

Video footage of i-SOBOT, the world’s smallest mass produced humanoid robot, in a no holds barred battle up against Godzilla: While many celebrate the triumphant arrival of Takara/Tomy’s tiny humanoid robot upon American shores, a disturbing development comes with it. All across the USA, i-SOBOT […]


Umine Nature Images Projector

  The Japanese toy company Takara Tomy has now released a new product called Umine – a small projector to help you relax by displaying various images of nature onto your ceiling or wall. Umine projects images of beach scenes, waterscapes and forest along with […]