Tiger Woods Golf Simulator

Tiger Woods Golf Simulator

Do you prefer dry land rather than the water theme jet ski and surfing simulators? Then this interactive golf game might be just the ticket.

The Tiger Woods Golf Simulator ($250) features over 800 world class courses and is compatible with Windows, Mac and PlayStation 2.

Attached to the rugged, low-profile, 3 Kg/7 lb unit is a tethered, regulation golf ball attached to a silky-smooth double ball-bearing mount for a completely authentic golf experience, right down to the thwack of your irons and the ping of your driver. Golf Launchpad is the ultimate home golf simulator that allows you to create, with your large screen TV or projector, the ultimate indoor golf experience!

When you swing your clubs — wood, iron or putter — Golf Launchpad measures your golf swing thousands of times each second (clubhead speed, path, angle) and translates this into information that EA Sports Tiger Woods PGA Tour software renders on-screen with breathtaking realism and accuracy.

Tiger Woods Golf Simulator

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14 Responses to “Tiger Woods Golf Simulator”

  1. where can you buy this item, i live in calgary alberta canada and i really want one of these for my ps2

  2. Hi Kyle, you can get the Tiger Woods Golf Simulator via the link included in the news above.

  3. Is this simulator designed to be played by 1 person or can multiple players be used?

  4. Good question Mike, I’m really not sure if the “Tiger Woods Golf Simulator” features a multiplayer mode or not.

  5. Can the launchpad be used by both left handed and right handed players?

  6. Debbie – I am LH – Did you find out if it can be used LH?

  7. I’m also LH, but I’m afraid I don’t know if the launchpad on the Tiger Woods golf simulator can be used by both left handed and right handed players.

    Does anyone else know?

  8. I’ll bet the only offer it RH – as usual…

  9. lol guyes you can use it for both lh and rh players you simply just turn the system around

  10. Golf Swing Steve Reply March 3, 2009 at 3:46 pm

    Great little gadget. But nothing beats getting out on the fairway and practicing your golf swing for real

  11. can you tell how to set launchpad from pc to tv

  12. I want to buy some set of golf simulator

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