The Original Crispy Bowl

Obol - The Original Crispy Bowl

Do you like your cereal crispy in the morning? Want to keep the crackers from getting soggy in the soup? Then gobble everything up within ten minutes of preparing or just get the Original Crispy Bowl so you can finish your breakfast or soup leisurely.

The Original Crispy Bowl is an easy-to-grip bowl that compartmentalizes your cereal/crackers/stuff that needs to be kept crunchy and your milk/soup/liquid to eat the crunchy stuff with. It’s a simple solution to the age-old problem of soggy cereal and soggy crackers.

Obol - The Original Crispy Bowl

The Original Crispy Bowl

Obol is The Original Crispy Bowl that solves the problem of soggy cereal. With the unique Swoop n Scoop, the Obol makes every bite as crispy as the first bite. The Spiral Slide design makes it possible to enjoy your cereal until the last bite. You can set the Obol down to write an email or answer the phone knowing your cereal will never get soggy. The easy to hold, textured non-slip grip and rim makes it easy to eat anywhere. It’s perfect for eating in bed or while watching a movie. Kids love it! The Obol is great for crispy crackers with soup.

The Original Crispy Bowl is available from Obol for $19.99. It is also available for £17.99 at

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