Wrenchware Tire Bowl

WrenchWare Tire Bowl

If you’re into racin’, truckin’, or just cars and trucks in general, the Tire Bowl lets you bring your passion to the dining room table, and you don’t have to worry about grease or tire treads on the floor.

You can give your friends a special treat in more ways than one when they come over for Race Day and you plop down this knobby rubber tire that comes complete with a snap-lock lid that resembles a chrome hubcap. Use it for cereal, soup, dip, or just about anything else that fits in a bowl. Of course, you could also use it out in the garage to hold buts and bolts but why would you want to do that? That’s what the fine china is for. You can also keep the theme going with the Wrenchware Blackwall Tire Cup.

WrenchWare Tire Bowl
Our “Nobby Tire Bowl” looks as if it just came off of a knarley 4×4 rock climber, it will be the “centerpiece” of your table, whatever you put in it… from soup to nuts, or cereal. The “chrome hubcap lid” snap-locks on with a twist.

The Tire Bowl can roll into your life from Skymall for just $18 and at Amazon.com for $24.99.

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