Tengu Allstars – New LED Singing USB Guys

Tengu Allstars

The popular Tengu, a USB guy that will sing along to any music you’re playing after you have plugged him into your computer, is now available in an updated Tengu Allstars series.

Three brand new characters, each comes with an abundance of stickers to customize, but most importantly, with a massive fro. Each in its own style and color, depicting a specific time and music era.

If you don’t want the style anymore, just remove the fro and the stickers and you are back to the good old Tengu, sitting there, singing along to any tune you’re playing…

Tengu Allstars

The Tengu Allstars are available from Charles & Marie for €30 EUR (about $42 USD) a pop.

(Via technabob)

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  1. Man, these Tengu(s) looks funky! 🙂

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