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Sony HMZT1 3D Viewer

Sony HMZT1 Personal 3D Viewer

Video glasses are not new. We’ve covered many video glasses over the years, and even gave away of pair of Vuzix Wrap 310XL Eyewear a few weeks ago. However, technology marches on, and these new Sony HMZT1 Personal 3D Viewers are the best, though most expensive, ones we’ve covered thus far. One [...]

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Sony MDR-Z1000 Pro Monitor Headphones

Sony MDR-Z1000 Professional Monitor Headphones

Today Sony announced several new headphones including the Sony MDR-Z1000 Professional Monitor Headphones that feature an innovative design and use cutting-edge materials to take recording studio quality sound to the next level. If you are a recording studio pro, or simply an audiophile looking for a pro [...]

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Sony iPhone/iPod Speaker Dock

New iPhone and iPod Speaker Dock by Sony

Sony has announced the RDP-X50iP, a new model to their series of speaker docks for the Apple iPod and iPhone, with the intention to deliver “the best possible audio quality at a price with the widest appeal”. [...]

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Sony DPF-D720 Digital Photo Frame

Digital Photo Frames with HD Video and Printer

Sony has released a series of new digital photo frames featuring AVCHD video playback with stereo sound, integrated color printer and free engraving service with online orders. [...]

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Sony Walkman A840 MP3 Players

New Colorful Video MP3 Players by Sony

The Sony Walkman series has been updated with a new choice of colorful video MP3 players. [...]

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Tiny Sony Bravia Home Theater Speakers

Sony has announced their brand new HT-IS100 Bravia Theater Micro System, a 5.1 channel surround system with speakers roughly the size of a golf ball. [...]

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Cardboard Mini Arcade for PSP

This flatpack cardboard comes in a pack of two and allows you to fold yourself a neat mini replica of a 80s arcade machine to hold your PSP. [...]

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Smoke Detector Surveillance Camera

Here’s a way to do a little home security surveillance in true FBI Files style, using a small high-quality Sony camera disguised as a normal smoke detector. [...]

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